Adaptive Gardening Techniques

Adaptive Gardening is about making gardening accessible for all, overcoming physical, psychlogical and social barriers to taking part in gardening activities.
The links below offer ways to adapt the physical environment, overcome cultural and institutional barriers and  help to create enjoyable gardening experiences for everyone to take part in.


Visiting a garden this summer?
Are you a garden open to the public?

Why not rate it for accessability with Euan's Guide ?
Through Facebook , online or with The Euan's Guide app available from the App Store and Google play,  you can rate and find out  how accessible venues actually are directly from the people who use them! 

Adapting the Physical Environment  

Accessible Paths and Raised Beds for information on the dimensions and construction of paths and raised beds.

Here's a host of raised bed ideas, plans, photos and 'How to's' to inspire you at A Piece of Rainbow, see

For a range of accessible planters you can grow veg in, try Veg trugs

Adaptive Gardening: Practical suggestions to make gardening accessible and interesting for all
 Word | pdf
No-Sweat Planting Guide - low maintenance ideas Word | pdf
Adaptive Tools Factsheet Word | pdf
Square Foot Gardens Word | pdf
Dementia and Gardening Word | pdf

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