Gardening and dementia

Listen to this informative feature on gardening and dementia, broadcast on Radio Scotland’s ‘Good Morning Scotland’ 20 September 2011. The programme item was recorded at The Kinross Potager Garden.

Trellis factsheet Dementia and Gardening  Word | pdf  is a starting point for anyone gardening with people with dementia or interested in developing or setting up a garden for people with dementia. It contains general information on dementia and the importance of garden activities for health & well being; garden design; planting and garden activities and provides resources and references for further in depth reading.

Taster Sessions Occassionally, Trellis is awarded funding to provide garden 'taster' sessions to organisations and groups involved in the care of those with dementia. These are informal, fun and  offer  'hands on' gardening session for carers to enjoy and also be inspired to carry out at home or in their workplace. Session topics include: windowsill growing (seed sprouting and salad boxes) ; container growing -  herb planters and, for the autumn,  indoor bulb planting. Please contact us if you are interested in these sessions.

Alzheimer Scotland is the national charity for action on dementia. Their Memory Bus provided insightful advice on all aspects of dementia for our delegates at the Trellis Therapeutic Gardening Conference 2015. They also shared their experiences of supporting people with dementia to live well through gardening. To join in the fun at their their cafes and community activties, visit the Alzheimer Scotland webpages to see whats on near you,  at

Garden design for dementia The Dementia Services Developent Centre DSDC, University of Stirling, has published two books on dementia and garden design:
Designing outdoor spaces for people with dementia by  Pollock, A. and Marshall, M. (eds.) (2012) available at
Designing Balconies, Roof Terraces and Roof Gardens for People with Dementia by Annie Pollock & Mary Marshall
The DSDC also hosts a  library of publications on dementia and caring for those with dementia,  available at

Garuth Chalfont is a specialist in garden design for people with dementia. See his resources and Open University podcasts on the site

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