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Jim McColl, MBE, covers basic gardening tools (forks and spades) and the importance of wearing gardening gloves.

Jim McColl, MBE, talks about lawns and associated gardening tools, and advises on lawn treatment in the Spring.

Jim McColl, MBE, talks about adapting gardening tools for people with a weak grip, tool design, and sharpening.

Jim McColl, MBE, patron of Trellis, gives a masterclass on Plant Hardiness at the 7th Trellis Annual Conference.

Jim McColl, MBE, gives a masterclass on splitting plants, replanting bulbs and taking root cuttings for propagation.


Jean Gavin, Fieldworker for Trellis and FCFCG, gives expert advice on how to plan a garden border for year-round interest.


Jim McColl MBE gives a Masterclass in Propagating Skills at the 6th Trellis Conference. This is the first part of Jim's workshop, which concerns seed sowing into containers.


Jim McColl MBE, gives a Masterclass in Propagating Skills and explains how best to take plant cuttings.

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