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Pressups or Prozac

Therapeutic Gardening on the Radio - Press ups or Prozac, BBC Radio Scotland - a really inspiring testimony about how gardening has helped one woman get back the person she used to be and overcome some of the symptoms of illness.

The Scotsman 29th July 2009, Outdoor Fit Club by Louisa Pearson Click Here for article on The Scotsman web pages.

The Scotsman, 21 Feb 09, by Gaby Soutar Seeds of Hope Word format

Daily Express, 13 January 09, by Adrian Lee Dig Deep to Banish Winter Blues Click here to read article

The Herald Magazine, 7th June 2008, by Raoul Curtis-Machin Personal Growth

The Horticulturalist, April 08 Gardener heal thyself page 1

The Scotsman, 19 Feb 07, by Anne Cowan Gardeners' world is one to nurture health and peace Part 1 jpg image | Part 2 jpg image

The Herald, 8 May 07, by Katrina Tweedie Digging for victory: gardening helps former soldiers with stress Word format | pdf format

Vicki Ferguson, Growing Communities in Scotland Fieldwork Co-ordinator, Fieldwork trip to Shetland 2010. The report and photo in the Shetland News is available on the Shetland News web pages at Click Here.

Whilst a report of community meetings is available from Transition Shetland online publication Community Powerdown.

General Articles

The Observer, 4 Mar 07, by Gaby Hinsliff Goverment seeks secret of keeping us all happy Word format | pdf format

Daily Express, 2 Apr 07, by Adrian Lee How happy bug may cure depression Word format | pdf format

The Times, 7 Jan 07, by John Elliott Happiness and a chat Word format


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