Therapeutic Gardening

What is therapeutic gardening?
Gardening activities carried out with a focus on enhancing well being. Gardening can be an enjoyable medium for supporting physical, social and emotional health. In addition gardening can also provide education and training opportunities, not only horticulture skills but life skills, literacy and numeracy.

Formal definitions of therapeutic gardening include:

‘The use of plants by a trained professional as a medium through which certain clinically defined goals may be met.’

‘… the process by which individuals may develop well-being using plants and horticulture.  This is achieved through active or passive involvement.’
Journal of Social & Therapeutic Horticulture, 1999.

What are the benefits?
Social interaction or solitude as required - essential for well-being
Mentally stimulating - can provide opportunities for initiative taking, decision making
Aids physical health and fitness
Increased self esteem and confidence
Builds skills - gardeningskills, life skills, literacy and numeracy and communication skills

Who takes part in therapeutic gardening?
A survey of the Trellis network of therapeutic gardens shows they support a range of gardeners:
Pie Chart showing % of Trellis network who provide gardening for specific groups


For a more in-depth description of therapeutic gardening  click on these factsheets;
What is Therapeutic Gardening?
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Therapeutic Gardening: theory and evidence
A summary of the main studies relevant to gardening therapy Word | pdf

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