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We hope this page will act as a central portal for training courses which may be relevant to projects in the Trellis network. If you have taken part in any training which you found to be useful please let us know and we can add details to the page. Please forward any links to info@trellisscotland.org.uk in the Trellis office. Please scroll down...

RCHS: Grow and Learn Award, Training Day

Fri 25 Sept 1.30-4pm at Perth Concert Hall.

Over the past year, we have been working on developing our CALEY Grow and Learn Award. There are now 2 stages to the Award, resources enhanced, and all downloadable from our website on registration.

Please see attached flyer for more information.

This event is free, but spaces are limited. Please let Jean Gavin  know asap if you are intending to come along.

The Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens FCFCG  is providing a day of training activities at the Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh on Wednesday October 8th to highlight techniques for bringing food activity to community settings.
This event has been put together in partnership with The Conservation Volunteers and the RBGE, and will run from  9.30 a.m. to 4.00.p.m.
A series of workshops will explore ideas for integrating food into a variety of activities with a wide range of different groups. For more details about this opportunity and to reserve a place, please visit the FCFCG website at http://www.farmgarden.org.uk/farms-gardens/your-region/scotland 


The Edible Garden: A practical seven week gardening course
at The Hidden Gardens, 25 Albert Drive, Glasgow G41 2PE
Thursdays, 6pm-8pm; Thursday 28 August - Thursday 2 Oct 2014

Lettuce teach you....all you need to know to start growing and transform the way you think about growing your own, whatever space you use.
The course includes: Soils, planning & preparation • Seed sowing & plant care • Pruning, propagation techniques, pests & diseases • Herbs, edible flowers & perennials •  Seed collecting & storage • Harvesting & preparing produce. You’ll also be invited to our Edible Garden party to celebrate our collective success.
Course cost: £120 To book, or for more information, please contact administrator@thehiddengardens.org.uk 0141 433 2722

UK Council on Deafness - Deaf Awareness Week 19th-25th May 2014
People who are Deaf or hard of hearing continue to experience difficulties accessing communication and information across all walks of life leaving them more likely to lose their confidence, becoming isolated from others, and experiencing depression and poor mental health. 
Deaf Awareness Week aims to raise awareness of deafness and the experiences of living with a hearing loss, and being Deaf in a hearing world.  By everyone become more aware of how to communicate with someone who is Deaf or hard of hearing, we all benefit – we make new friends, improve our own confidence and communication skills.  It also ensures that people who are Deaf or hard of hearing are not isolated and excluded and are able to enjoy all aspects of life that we take for granted, but which pose many barriers for people with a hearing loss.
With 1 in 6 and half of people over 65 experiencing some kind of hearing loss, we will all know someone who is deaf or hard of hearing. 
So what can you do?  As an individual, if you meet someone who is Deaf or hard of hearing you can follow these tips to help the communication:

  • Face the person while you are speaking, don’t turn away
  • Speak clearly, normally and without shouting
  • Repeat yourself if necessary
  • Try rephrasing what you say
  •  Never say “it doesn’t matter”
  • If the person doesn’t understand you, don’t give up
  • Write it down or draw a picture
  • Learn some BSL finger spelling or some basic British Sign Language

As a business or organisation providing goods or services you can meet your obligations under the Equality Act by finding out what your deaf customers need, and making sure you put these into practice. Some basic tips would include:

  •  Make sure your staff have basic deaf awareness training and follow all the tips for communication above
  • Make sure someone can contact you by phone, fax, email and SMS
  • Make sure you have a loop or infrared radio system that people can use either with or without their hearing aids. Make sure staff know how it works, and check that it is in good working order
  • If requested, book and pay for an interpreter or other communication support
  • Provide information in a variety of formats and follow the guidance that is available about producing accessible information 
  • Make sure audio or video information has subtitles, a transcript and is interpreted into British Sign Language
  • Work with deaf groups to ensure that you are meeting their needs.

After all, everyone’s got a right to communicate. For more information about services including training provided locally by North East Sensory Services  visit www.nesensoryservices.org, phone 0845 271 2345 or SMS 07593 102004


tcv Training Courses
tcv have a brand new programme of training  2014 - 2015 on everything from identifying birdsong to fencing, grass cutting and citizen science. To view the programme go to the  TCV Courses webpages. For more information on our training courses  phone  01786 479697 or email  scotland-training@tcv.org.uk

Evaluation Support Scotland - Training 2014 at http://www.evaluationsupportscotland.org.uk/

What are my outcomes? 15 May 2014 Edinburgh
Collecting information to report on outcomes 29 May 2014, Edinburgh
Using creative approaches to evaluate your project 12 June 2014, Edinburgh
Telling my story - Analysing and reporting on outcomes 26 June 2014, Edinburgh
What are my outcomes?4 September 2014,Glasgow
Collecting information to report on outcomes18 September 2014,Glasgow
Using creative approaches to evaluate your project 2 October 2014, Glasgow
Telling my story - Analysing and reporting on outcomes16 October 2014,Glasgow


Sensory Awareness Training at North East Sensory Services, Aberdeen
Many people who have a visual impairment, or who are Deaf or hard of hearing
continue to experience barriers trying to access a range of services. It is often
difficult for someone with a sight loss or a hearing loss to get information in an
accessible format and often customer service is not adapted to enable people with
a sight or hearing loss to access services on an equitable basis.
Our Sensory Awareness Training is suitable for anyone who comes into contact
with people who have a visual impairment , people who are Deaf or hard of
hearing, or indeed both. The training aims to raise awareness of the impact that
having a sight loss and/or a hearing loss has on someone, and explores the
barriers that people with a sensory loss face on a day to day basis. The training
goes on to explore some of the different aids, adaptations and technology that can
support someone with a significant sensory loss to maintain an independent and
fulfilling life.
The dates for Sensory Awareness Training in 2013 in Aberdeen are:
• Wednesday 19th February
• Wednesday 21st May
• Wednesday 1st October
The training takes place in our Resource Centre at 21 John Street, Aberdeen
AB25 1BT. It runs from 9.30 am to 4pm and costs £55 per person which includes
tea and coffee, a light lunch, full training pack and certificate of attendance.
To find out more about the Sensory Awareness Training please contact Libby
Hillhouse, Training and Information Officer on 0845 271 2345 or email libby.
To book a place on the training please email Leona.glennie@nesensoryservices.org.


Edinburgh Cyrenians launched its Green Learning Programme for young people, on the 24 January 2014 at the Royal Edinburgh Community Gardens.
FREE TRAINING COURSE - Out of work, aged 15 to 30, and free on a Friday from 11am-3pm?
TO REGISTER phone Ash on 07891 840390 or Michala on 07837 477450

Saheliya launch winter training programme
Saheliya, the specialist mental health and wellbeing support organisation for black and minority ethnic (BME) women and girls in Scotland has launched its winter training programme. For further details or to find out how to register for a session visit the eventbrite website

Larkhall Community Growers Horticultural Training 
Introduction to basic horticultural skills
Larkhall Community Growers are running this course as part of their winter training program.
For 8 weeks from 7pm -9pm on Mondays and will be held in the LCG Training Centre 2 Union Street, Larkhall (Church at the Cross building) Starting on Monday 28th October 2013. We have 10 places available.  As an introductory offer there will be no charge.
This course would be suitable to those new to gardening or community gardening and will cover the following:  Understanding basic plant requirements,  Soil and soil management,  Plant groups and plant naming,  Basic garden design,  Cultural techniques, Basic propagation skills, Know the “enemy”- pests, diseases and weeds.
 These will be informal evenings which will allow participants to ask questions and share ideas.
Places are limited – please e-mail to book office@larkhallcommunitygrowers.com

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