Charity of the Year


Trellis has been lucky enough to be selected as Charity of the Year by some fantastic, dedicated businesses who have enriched our work in different ways.

Brindley Landscape Associates have supported us as nominated Charity of the Year for several years. Among other incredible feats, they have completed 10km challenges for our 10th Birthday year, in a onesie on a scooter, or just plain old walking. One particular Brindley employee, Lee, has run an impressive number of miles to raise funds for Trellis, completing 100 ascents of a local hill near Dunblane in 2017 as well as the Birnam Hill Race, and several half marathons and 10km races. In 2018, we continue to work with Brindley's generous staff and look forward to the next incredible fundraising adventure.

Glendoick Garden Centre
has chosen Trellis as Charity of the Year and their staff team are busy promoting the work of our charity to their garden-loving customers. We'll be working together on lots of worthwhile projects throughout the year.


We're also delighted to have the support of Logie Steading Garden. The gate fees from this fantastic garden, plus fundraising raffle proceeds all go towards supporting Trellis services.



Thank you to all our wonderful business partners.

If you would like to discuss how your business could work in partnership with Trellis, please contact or give us a call, 01738 624 348.