About Us

We're the place to come to for know-how about therapeutic gardening, the art of using gardening to help people take care of their physical, emotional and social wellbeing.

We support over 500 groups who create green sanctuaries in hospitals, care homes, schools, prisons and community spaces, using these gardens to help an average of 25 people to recover from ill health, overcome adversity, and increase their skills and confidence. Together, every week, we help more than 12,000 people to improve their health and transform their lives through gardening.

Trellis runs training workshops and an information service, and we can visit you to give help and advice. We support research and development in therapeutic gardening. And we make sure that the voice of our network is heard by policy makers.

We bring people together. Come and join us, we're here to help you.

Trellis Annual Report and Accounts to March 2023

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