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HMP Dumfries theraeutic garden

HMP Dumfries

One of our most recent projects took place at HMP Dumfries where they were designing and constructing a Wellbeing Garden within their extensive garden grounds. The aim of the project is to support the prison’s community to engage in both passive and physical activity to support health and wellbeing.  

Trellis Project Advisor Joan, worked with a cohort of prisoners and staff, facilitating their learning, and practical involvement in the design and build process.  Joan worked alongside


Fran's Story

The ‘Space to Grow’ garden/allotment project at the Borders Hospital Huntlyburn Ward gives patients the chance to leave the ward to spend time in the natural environment.The project makes use of sustainable resources and has a positive impact on mental health. The garden allows patients and staff to participate in therapeutic horticulture, enjoy being active in the outdoors and explore the natural environment.

The garden project has become part of the ward programme, offering an

Birkhill house dye garden

Birkhill House Dye Garden

From Shetland to South-West Scotland, Trellis is supporting over 500 gardens projects – helping those in need, through horticulture.  Our projects promote health through horticulture - because people grow better in gardens.

One such project is the Birkhill House Dye Garden. Birkhill is a community interest company running crafting sessions for a variety of community groups and animal assisted therapy including work with alpacas.  They use the alpaca fibres in their crafting and wanted


Having a Laugh

Appraisal of a Trellis Demo Session at a care home in Perthshire, winter 2017-18

The session went very well. All the residents enjoyed the session and visit. Jenny was so nice - very friendly and helped residents – when needed.

Our residents are still speaking about planting the bulbs and very interested, especially if any green shoots are showing through. I felt the session was very well done, not rushed at all and time given to each person. Two of our residents


Digging for Freedom

The testimonial of a man who discovered the health benefits of gardening while serving his sentence at HMP Dumfries. Reproduced with kind permission of the author and Scottish Prison Service officers.

The loss of liberty and freedom is the most traumatic and life changing experience. You lose everything that makes you who you are. It began a period of self-analysis that made [me] very aware of my mental health.

From that point of despair, I found a new hobby when I


Reasons to be Cheerful

From a practitioner and long-time network member in rural Dumfries & Galloway on the subject of our network good practice meetings:

Not a query, just a note of gratitude: I haven't been able to get to the last few AGMs, but there was a time when they were a real life-saver for me in my work here. Just being in a roomful of fellow-gardeners with all that warmth and cheerfulness, all those shared experiences and learning from each other - such an important boost in every

Gardener and part built polytunnel

Lessons from the Garden

Mandy, a practitioner working at a school in Perth explains what she loves about her job:

It’s a beautiful setting - I’m outdoors all day which suits me fine - in all weathers. I love to see the change in the kids - getting them outside is a challenge but once we get outside, watching how their faces change and watching how their demeanour changes. It’s great – I love to see it, that’s the reward for me.

I do lesson plans every week and I always have in indoor

Horner's Plot Perth

Tales from Horners Plot

A gardener from Horners Plot in Perth explains what he likes about the 'little gem' hidden away in the city centre.

It can be a bit wet at times, but usually I’ve found that the weather looks a lot worse from the inside looking out on it. If you keep working through the rain, generally you’ll find it’s disappeared again and the sun has come out! I always try to salvage something out of a day – I don’t like a whole day to go by and get nothing done. If you get lots of little bits done