Make fragrant herbal bath bags to perfume a relaxing, luxurious bath! 
Using natural herbs and flowers - create bath bags for yourself or give away as gifts. 

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Activity Sheet We've created an easy to follow, step-by-step activity sheet for this Herbal Bath Bag activity, so you can enhance your own wellbeing as well as gain an enriching, sensory activity to share with your clients. 
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Adaptive tip Clients with complimentary skills? Pair up your group to help each other and play to their individual strengths: One to hold the neck of the bath bag - one with more dexterity to tie the string around the top!
Look out for the symbols indicating which activities build or suit those with specific skills - featured in Year-Round Gardening Activities book.

Did you know? It's not just lavender you can add to a bath for health benefits. Ginger, honey, oatmeal and even green tea can all give you a variety of benefits!

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