Our Work

Our Work

Not a query, just a note of gratitude. I haven’t been able to get to the last few meetings but there was a time when they were a real life-saver for me.

Just being in a roomful of fellow gardeners with all that warmth and cheerfulness, all those shared experiences and learning from each other – such an important boost in every way.  I just wanted to thank all you at Trellis for making that happen: I can’t tell you what a big deal you’ve been to me.”

Therapeutic Gardening Practitioner John, writing at the time of his retirement from
mental health project, Lothlorien


Garden projects are often isolated and running on meagre resources. The potential and impacts of their work often go unrecognised. That's why our support services are needed. We enable people to develop high quality therapeutic services that benefit thousands of people every week. Find out more here about our Training Events, Information Services, Network & Good Practice Sharing Days, Research Dissemination, Annual Conference and Awareness Raising work.

As with all effective health interventions, therapeutic gardening is an evidence-based practice. We make improvements to our work guided by the latest published, peer-reviewed research and try to share new evidence widely with practitioners so that they can make sure they're up to date.


In the past 12 months, this is the difference our work has made:

Good Practice Sharing

  • We hosted 4 networking events enabling 114 people to share knowledge, skills and good practice
  • Taster sessions to 298 people encouraged care home, hospital staff and carers to start or resume gardening

Information Service

  • Over 190 queries were answered
  • Our e-bulletin reaches over 2,000 people with information on research evidence, funding, training and job opportunities
  • Our social media channels continued to grow with over 1000 people liking our facebook page and 9,000 people following our twitter feed we also have a new Instagram channel
  • We added 30 new gardens to our network Directory, a total of almost 480 in Scotland
  • An information-packed website provides free resources for all
  • 6 new factsheets and 3 new videos gave simple activity ideas for struggling practitioners

On-Site Support

  • Our Project Advisor and Fieldworkers provided on-site, in-depth support to 33 projects in Scotland
  • Clear guidance ‘next steps’ and sometimes sketch designs help practitioners reach their goals
  • This work ensures over 1150 additional people are supported to take part in gardening

Annual Conference

Sadly, with over 150 practitioners registered to attend, our 14th annual conference was cancelled due to Covid-19.


  • Our training & workshops brought new ideas, skills, fun, confidence and learning to 157 people
  • Our events programme reached 1664 people in Scotland

Lobbying & Promotion

  • We attended over 20 national events, representing and promoting Therapeutic Gardening projects
  • We published a new book, Plastic-free Gardening, a first of its kind to purchase the book click here
  • We wrote articles and gave interviews to raise the awareness and importance of Therapeutic Gardening
  • As members of the Horticulture Trades Association, we helped create a Horticulture Framework for the Future to present to Scottish Government




Covid-19 Response

Since April 

  • We have created 17 simple ‘how to’ videos
  • We began a weekly ‘coffee and chat’ meeting online with practitioners
  • We started a regular blog: The (lockdown) princess and the peas
  • We provided regular mini-bulletins to inform our network 
  • We created a special ‘stay well and garden’ page
  • We got underway to develop training online
  • We sent activity packages to care homes





“I truly believe the garden provides something on every level.  It is absolutely crucial in allowing children to just be.  A safe place that enables young people to explore their world and have positive experiences”

Dr Quinn, Clinical Psychologist, Balnacraig School.

“We would not be where we are today without the support of Trellis”

Jo West, Headteacher at Balnacraig School.



Download the full summary of our work here (Trellis Report April 2019-March 2020).