Sowing Fabulous Flowers for Cutting is our activity this month. How to sow, grow and harvest seasonal flowers to bring colour indoors and out. 

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Activity Sheet We've created an easy to follow, step-by-step activity activity sheet  to accompany this activity, which you can share, download and print. Find all our Activity Sheets here 

Adaptive Tip As ever, we appreciate that some clients need a bit of extra help with activities. Using a bottle top waterer enables those with poorer wrists and hand-eye co-ordination. Look out for the symbols indicating which activities build or suit those with specific skills - featured in Year-Round Gardening Activities book

Fun Fact Cosmos is a Greek word meaning harmony or balanced universe. To Victorians, cosmos were used to signify modesty. Cosmos is native to Central America where it grows wild, especially in Mexico. Here in the UK, Cosmos attracts butterflies and birds to the garden.

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