This month we're talking tiny tumbling tomatoes! There's nothing like growing your own veg for a real sense of satisfaction. Find out how to plant up easy-to-grow tomatoes in hanging baskets and containers on indoor windowsills and sunny outdoor spots.

Video We've created a step by step video for you which will help you get started! Find lots of  'How to' videos on the Trellis YouTube Channel   - Subscribe to keep up to date with our activity videos.

Activity Sheet  Doorstep Tumbling Toms  Find lots of other activity ideas on the Factsheet page 

Adaptive Tip As always, we can include an adaptive tip. For those with poorer dexterity, use a plastic mug as a scoop. Look out for the symbols indicating which activities build or suit those with specific skills - featured in Year-Round Gardening Activities book.

Fun Fact Did you know? Tomatoes Have Been to Space! 600,000 tomato seeds went to the International Space Station before being grown in classrooms all over Canada as part of the ‘Tomatosphere I, II, III and IV’ experiments. These experiments happened due to a desire to understand the effect of outer space on seed growth and development.

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