Bouquet Garni - create an aromatic herb blend that is great to add to lots of recipes! Use in soups, casseroles and whatever else you like to flavour. This activity is great for residents and clients alike and can easily be adapted.

Video We've created a step by step video which will help you get started! Find lots of  'How to' videos on the Trellis YouTube Channel 
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Activity Sheet Our handy handling Handling Herbs activity sheet is a great guide to keep you right. Find lots of other activity ideas on the Factsheet page 

Adaptive Tip Too tricky to make a Bouquet Garni? You can still support your client enjoy fresh herbs – pop a few sprigs into a jam jar with fresh water or make a drinks coaster herb display. Look out for the symbols indicating which activities build or suit those with specific skills - featured in Year-Round Gardening Activities book.

Fun Fact Did you know? The first notable mention of bouquet garni is in the book Le Cuisinier François (1651) which was written by one of the earliest great French chefs, François Pierre de La Varenne. His book and recipes are thought to mark the transition from medieval cuisine to the modern French cuisine that has become so popular today.

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